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(n) a penis standing straight up in the air, half limp bizkit, half boner

(a) a grazing of a half boner, half bizkit along the body of your fellow man
(n) "Dude, thats a huge Fjong!"

(a) "Eww, you just gave me the biggest Fjong ever!"
by JLAT February 12, 2008
Referring to a half velociraptor half "Greatest Actor Who Ever Lived" John Stamos, otherwise known as the Most dazzling creature to ever roam the Earth.
Oh dear god the raptor fences are down, lets just pray we dont run into a velocistamos for if we do he will swoon us with his devilish charm...then eat us.
by JLAT March 03, 2011
defined by a six year who was told he could not swear - darf means fuck.
Darf this!
Darf off!
by jlat October 18, 2012

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