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Gun, gat strp , pistola
"niggaz think they bigger cuz they got their finger on the trigger of a bizkit" -method man
by Master-D March 19, 2004
One who has been dunked more times than a digestive.
Fiona "You're quite easy to get into bed aren't you?"
Karen "Yeah I'm a total Bizkit"
by bunnet December 19, 2013
bizkits are some tore up nasty busted worn out shoes usually found on the bum that ask's you for money every time you pass him and you deny it to him even though you have the money you selfish whore
dang dog look at them bizkits i need a penny to throw at them
by josh johnson November 07, 2005
A member of a subculture or clique primarily defined by listening to the nu metal bands Korn or Limp Bizkit, the latter being the source of the name "bizkit".

A bizkit generally:

* Wears flat-brimmed hats
* Has tribal tattoos and/or gauged piercings
* Acts overly aggressive and macho, picks fights easily, but often backs down quickly when actually confronted
* Is very likely to impregnate a teenager
* Spends too much money on his car
* Has trouble holding a steady job, doesn't aspire to become educated in any way
* Has a wardrobe consisting entirely of graffiti art t-shirts and extremely baggy pants
* Has an extremely douchey facial hair style like a chin strap or a goatee
* Can come from any socioeconomic background, but generally tends to come from poor areas, can be considered a subset of white trash
Let's go on a drive and shoot bizkits with a paintball gun.

That guy's a bizkit, he's probably going to hook up with a girl, get her pregnant, and end up a fat loser still wearing Tapout shirts at age 40.
by CabronDeOz August 31, 2016
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