173 definitions by JIMMY

cap worn by a scally. also known as a burbee cap, beanie, and train conductor's cap.
by Jimmy October 13, 2003
The last part of the british empire.
Give it up limeys, your reign as a superpower is over.
by Jimmy April 18, 2005
a place where you go to get your drugs
Dude we've gotta go up to calgary, i've gotta pick up my drugs
by Jimmy January 19, 2005
when you are playing foot ball and you are about to throw the ball, instead of saying "HIKE" be funny and say "HURK".
i yelled "HURK" while playing foot ball today
by JIMMY November 04, 2004
To fill-up. See Tea bag.
Yo phillip on my nuts.
by Jimmy June 11, 2006
Your personality;you as a person.
Don't attack my vanity.
by Jimmy January 21, 2004
sweaty man pig that happens to hit bass strings spontaneously
"lynz!" shouted steve
by jimmy March 25, 2003
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