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83 definitions by JIMBOB

Acronym for Home Of My Stories and Rants, or www.homsar.com
by JimBob May 01, 2003
a big hairy hole we all pass on the way to the light. also known as : bearded axe wound, flangita, pussy, cunt, ewoks nest
your mums got a saggy minge
by jimbob April 17, 2004
another word for surfing used by ...... me
im going skerfing
by jimbob May 10, 2003
AC schnitzer... best aftermarket company EVAR!!!
by jimbob February 15, 2003
having a good looking ass.
1. kelly's got one dope ass

2. emanuel's donkey is one dope ass
by jimbob February 15, 2003
Home of the best salami in the world.
I want reconstituted pig, better get Milano salamo
by Jimbob March 18, 2005
some faggy ass bastard not from my small corner of the globe
dat dere towel wearin fag is from some forn country
by jimbob September 16, 2003