83 definitions by JIMBOB

super bitch who is mad :) and also super cool :D
trillex is marvy and super
by jimbob April 02, 2005
to be so hungry you cannot think of anything or concentrate on anything but food
Meggie said to Stacey "Man, I was so puchy right before lunch in calculus"
by Jimbob October 07, 2004
A small skinny wierd boy from st.johns close hayling. usually found feeding ferrets and liberating the fish . approach with caution can turn viscious
badger you cunt
by jimbob April 18, 2004
Er like pretty much just bits of stone of differing size/shapes and colours (hence random) used for the creation of small wells.
Lets go to homebase for some random stone.
by jimbob December 20, 2003
a black person.
hey hirby, check out that dirty dacto over thur.
by jimbob November 17, 2003
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