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when something is really cool or really good.
damn that weed was pretty dope ass!
by jimbob February 15, 2003
Also a suggester of urbandictionary.com as the best website in the commentary for Shaun of the Dead. In reference to the line about his mother, "She's like butter", for which they didn't decide on a definition.
Simon Pegg rocks, girls say he's like butter
by Jimbob March 18, 2005
The pinnacle of motor racing. First began in 1950 at Silverstone England. Great racers: Fangio 5 championships, Prost 4 championships Senna 3 Championships. and now Schumacher who has 7. Open wheel racing, akin to the IRL, but they also turn right. Race once a year at the Indy 500 backwards.
- Schumacher has won again, his 83 F1 victory.
- Oh cobblers
by Jimbob March 18, 2005
a ricer's term reffering to nitrous oxide or NOS.
dude, ur getting nawz!!!
by jimbob November 15, 2002
One who owns ho's. A ho regulator. Literally a pussy puller.
Also a derogatory word meaning pimp
did you see that koskesh pimp slap that gende?
by jimbob December 26, 2003
what u say when u enter a room full of either
a. nothing but fine women
b. nothing but dorky guys
c. one girl and more than 3 guys
w0w, jay certainly did take the cake
by jimbob February 15, 2003
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