83 definitions by JIMBOB

1.)A person of middle-eastern heritage
2.)A person with a darkish colored skin (not black).
I wanna kill that fuckin hodgie Osama bin Laden!
by Jimbob March 12, 2003
the act of having a cock in yo mouf
i gave maria some good chin nuts last night.
by jimbob November 15, 2002
when shit goes wrong.
it was bad times when kian tried to steal my girlfriend.
by jimbob November 15, 2002
when something is simply not scottish
if it's not scottish... IT'S CRAP!!!
by Jimbob December 02, 2003
A 16-bit processor from the eighties. Usually ranging from 8-12mhz, and is x86 compliant. (Only compatable with previous models -obviously-)
Strong Bad has never owned a 286.
by JimBob February 24, 2005
Int: (Northern England) a shortening of "is not"
You: Its over there
Me: No it int
by Jimbob May 11, 2005
Hick phrase fer awesome
Ahh; gitty up!
by JimBob January 31, 2003

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