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the act or result of too much lube on a sexual partner.
I was bangin her out but the lube caused some slippage and i fell and broke my hip.
by Jesse March 03, 2005
to caress in a sexual or mechanical way; to hit the crone; to play twayns
don't towtch that, haynds awwff
by jesse October 23, 2004
shout a holla
yo amy sholla at me lata!
by jesse May 01, 2004
1. To actually be farming land; digging into new dirt

2. Exploring new ideas; digging into new dirt

3. Fucking a girl for the first time; digging into new dirt

origin: Utah, circa 1869

originator: Joseph Smith; planting seeds, while creating a new religion, while sowing his seed with his 4 wives
1. "we're plowing new ground today, we've run out of space in the garden"

2. "with the new PenisPLUS Erection Extender, you will please her more than you could imagin!"

3. "i'm plowing new ground with jenny tonight. i might use that new Penis thing.."
by jesse March 29, 2004
a site used for looking up words that your afraid to ask your parents
i just looked up ghetto on www.urbandictionary.com
by Jesse December 31, 2003
those people who talk funny in texas chainsaw massacre or someone who lives in a oldschool silver, shiny pill shaped trailer, talks funny, has a mullet, wears trucker hats, has ripped up jeans and a belt with a semi truck or a gun on their belt buckle
hey look its billy bob johnson what a fuckin hick lets go piss on his trailer and put sand in his dirtbike
by jesse November 02, 2003
like the word meh. Said by those who are lazy and don't have a real response.
Amy: are you going to the dance
Jeff: Nieh
by Jesse November 02, 2004

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