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after sex finding pubic hair stuck to the sides and base of your penis head that looks like the back of captain stubings head from the love boat
She had so much pubic hair when I pulled it out I thought I was staring at Captain Stubing on the bridge of the love boat
by jesse February 13, 2005
mexicoon means somebody that's half black half mexican.

coon=black person

lots of mexicoons live in texas
by Jesse June 02, 2004
A Republican who has ran out of ammunition.
See also George W. Bush
by Jesse January 14, 2005
I agree homeslice
Foshiggity nigga!
by Jesse March 08, 2004
1. A band.
2. Nickname for the leader of the gang of kids in the movie Hook.
3. Youthink.com member, strong libertarian. Hated or loved. Smart.
4. Roofies? Those... date-rape drugs.
I was at a Rufio concert and Rufio tried to give Rufio some Roofies but she could see through the plot.
by Jesse January 26, 2004
The same as damn only spelled dam in chat rooms and games so it doesn't regester as swearing.
Dam, that kid really sucked yesturday.
by Jesse December 21, 2004
Another term/word for a cigarette.
"Hey Joseph, you gotta stoke?"
by Jesse March 05, 2005

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