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Everything is ok.
Its all good.
"Yo J-dag how you doin mang?"
by Jesse November 16, 2003
n., the tendency to hyper-homosexualize one's homosexual lifestyle.
Garry went to the gay bar, the gay restaurant, the gay bank, and the gay gas station. He clearly suffers from queerfashionation.
by Jesse December 14, 2003
V. To engage in anal intercourse with two men at the same time, while simultaniously engaging in fellatio with different men, also at the same time.
I watched Pat to the DODA last night. does that make me gay?
by Jesse March 03, 2003
not only are you calling a person a whore, you're saying their poor whores, sluts, etc! it's like you're telling them their a piece of shit and always will be!
"You fucking slept with my boyfriend you ghetto whore!"
by jesse May 25, 2004
A variation of The Top Shelf. The act of defecating in the glove box of a coworkers automobile.
Gary: That bastard Jesse gave me a Columbus Shelf again!!!!!
Jason: I told you not to leave your keys laying around at the office.
by Jesse November 19, 2003
french kiss or make out
i got to 1st base with a hott chick at the movies
by jesse November 03, 2003
The same as camel toe or moose knuckle
Damn those girls pants are tight, she's smuggling a yo yo.
by Jesse November 02, 2003
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