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192 definitions by JESSE

A person who is so off putting due to the way he or she acts, and at the same time makes the most incredible mistakes. This type of person either denies his or her mistakes, or is proud of them.
The current President of the United States, George W. Bush.
by Jesse February 11, 2005
30 18
A mansion in Washington, DC where Bush prostitutes himself to all his corporate and religious supporters on a regular basis.
by Jesse January 23, 2005
75 63
The name of a very great rapper. A rapper who has a lot of flow. And can be found on Soundclick. Everyone loves him!
OMG Loced Out is the greatest! I wish i had hes Genes!
by Jesse March 08, 2005
133 122
Thass; the thigh / ass crease or more importantly the lack there of.
Her ass has become one with her thigh , where there was once once a seperation there is no more.
by Jesse February 20, 2005
24 13
a way of saying masterbation
yo, i just stroked it, quite wonderful
by Jesse June 16, 2003
20 9
Short for retard card, an r-card is a metaphor for how certain people with various learning disabilities will exploit every possible loophole in order to gain an academic advantage over their classmates. They will even use their r-card status to get other students in trouble for disputes caused by their own general rudeness.

Note: This does not apply to people who actually NEED assistance due to learning disabilities, but ONLY to those who go out of their way to exploit the minor disability they have.
Ben never did his dishes, so Steve put them on his bed in order to teach him a lesson. Ben got in Steve's face and then called the campus security and got Steve in trouble by busting out his R-Card.

He needs to have it taken away
by Jesse January 18, 2006
31 21
When a man has a semi-flaccid penis that is saliva coated after recieving oral sex, he smacks the girl who preformed the oral sex in the face with his penis.
"I gave that bitch the shrimp smackdown." I need to give some bitch the shrimp smackdown tonight." "She let me give her the shrimp smackdown."
by Jesse April 04, 2005
18 8