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192 definitions by JESSE

A.K.A. 'Spogangster' - A person between ages of 12 and 25, lives in Spokane, skinny, white, shaved headed blonde facial hair, South Pole, JNCO, loves Lil Jon, loves J Lo, fat girlfriend shops at Deb, thinks US POLO ASSN. is actually Polo, drive a shitty car with subs, hangs out at Northtown Mall and Division St., fake bling. No style sensibility. Oh and dont forget the sideways G-Unit hat. Has no idea that Spokane is not a huge city. Spokane is one of the safest cities in the West.
"Im a Spokangster. I'm living a life of failure."
"Im a Spokangster...word up...oh sorry dogg I gtg cuz my mom be blowin up my cel."
by Jesse March 22, 2005
Newly defined term amongst scenesters for jocks and preps, derived from their constant use of "YEAH DUDE!"
Scenester: Some yeah dude just called me a fag cause I'm wearing tight girl pants.
by Jesse March 15, 2005
what REALLY black people call showers
Hey Manny can i borrow your rainbox.
by Jesse November 25, 2004
The first of the "new-school" Final Fantasy games. Graphics took precedence over character development. Instead of having interesting and humorous characters, you had Shakey. I mean Cloud, but Shakey was a better name for him, since all he really did was shake violently for no reason.

A lot of people raised on the PS think this is the best FF Game ever, and refuse to try 4 or 6 because the graphics aren't good enough for them. However, those raised on 1-6 do usually still play later ones.
PS kid: Final Fantasy 7 is the best game ever!!!1 omg materia sephiroth so cool and dark and omg omg!!!

Me: yeah, have you ever heard of kefka?

PS kid: Who? what?

Me: KEFKA! the best villian ever.

PS kid: from what game?

ME: Final Fantasy Six!

PS kid: Ew, i saw my friend play that once. the graphics were so bad.

ME: No, they were probably the best graphics for the SNES at the time... really good for what the system could do.

PS Kid: Nintendo? That's for babies. I play Playstation! I'm a big boy!
by Jesse April 27, 2007
A low life, lying, four flushing, pompous ass. Someone who thinks he is so holier than thou that he felt entitled to compare the those who died in the World Trade Center attacks on September 11 as little Eichmans.
Even AIM doesn't want anything to do with this guy.
by Jesse February 09, 2005
A white guy
man that shut up you milkweed
by jesse January 17, 2004
The act of placing a person on a wooden cross as a means of execution. The person would usually be tied to the cross, but sometimes if the Romans considered the person a really bad criminal they would nail the person to the cross. The person would linger for a time before dying from shock and exposure.

Crucifixion was practiced by the Romans as well as other cultures. It is considered one of the most brutal and painful ways to carry out an execution.
The execution of Jesus Christ by Rome.
The execution of Spartacus and his fellow rebels after an uprising.
by Jesse February 21, 2005