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the hair on your ass, ladies all guys got it so get used to it
he had like major ass hair
by JDB February 12, 2003
a modern day lothario who embodies thugged out ghetto coolness
the ladies go crazy for a Rexdale-born hitesher
by JDB August 23, 2003
after someone burps you call a color whoever repeats first or says a color last has to make a sex noise
by JDB February 12, 2003
1. A person, place, or thing devoid of regret and/or embarrassment for its uncool behavior.
2. A person who displays both strong (hardcore) and weak (dorky) behavior or tendencies simultaneously.
"We're so uncool - we're the fucking coolest" - Johnny Marr, The Smiths.

"Just because you're a dork doesn't mean you have to be a pussy." - Jennifer Damn Barnes
by jdb April 13, 2004
The most amazing woman I've ever met! The girl of my dreams. The girl of my future...
Leggo my eggo!
by JDB September 12, 2003
messed up
Dude: Hey, yo look in yo brother's car. Those chicken bones all over the seat?
Dude 2: Dang. Yeah man. That's skane.
by JdB July 31, 2003
bling bling worn for fighting purposes: example {brass knuckles]
Look at my brand new bling-blaw.
by jdb January 12, 2004
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