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on Facebook, one who frequently comments the statuses of random people and/or presses the "like" button
athena: omg that creeper just pressed the like button on my status!
ariel: yeah like who IS he?
jackie: i dont even know, he just presses the like button on EVERYONE'S status!
audrey: hes SUCH a status stalker!
by JACKIEISC0R3 March 28, 2009
"giggling like a fig"
to giggle merrily
audrey: woah did you see me and nanners new pic?!
thena: yeah, nanners was wearing glasses!LOLZ!
ariel: omgz that was totes cute!
jackie: GLAF!!! silly nanners and his glasses!
by JACKIEISC0R3 February 15, 2009
to do something and completely pretend that it didn't happen, because really, who needs to know?
audrey: do you think nanners will know that we didn't share the dunkaroos?
ariel: nah, we hid them before he even knew they were there
athena: oh, us and our shenanigans

jackie: we're so pulling a cake!
by JACKIEISC0R3 May 25, 2009
the magical sound of mystical wizards
ariel: i'm soo bored!!!
audrey: me too. i wish nanners was here.
athena: SO DO I! he's sooo swave i can barely stand it.
jackie: i'll make nanners appear! QUA QUA!
*nanners appears*
by JACKIEISC0R3 February 21, 2009
someone who is very feisty
audrey: WOAH did you see that?
athena: OMGZ YAH! nanners attacking the innocent guava?!
ariel: poor guava fruit!!!
jackie: nanners is SUCH a Feisty McFeist Burger...but we still love him!
by JACKIEISC0R3 February 20, 2009

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