Top Definition
"giggling like a fig"
to giggle merrily
audrey: woah did you see me and nanners new pic?!
thena: yeah, nanners was wearing glasses!LOLZ!
ariel: omgz that was totes cute!
jackie: GLAF!!! silly nanners and his glasses!
by JACKIEISC0R3 February 15, 2009
Gigglin' like a fuckin' stoner.
(22:39:55) Friend: high?
(22:40:43) Me: i'm giggling
(22:40:50) Me: glafs
by cactusbiter March 05, 2007
Short for :
Giggle Like A Freak

used by internet nerds and hopefuly made up by me :)
Boy1: >says something funny<
Boy2: GLAF!
by IcePyro November 02, 2007
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