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An oft-used phrase used in the civilised locale of Liverpool. If you are unsure of the answer to a question, or lack a witty enough mind to come up with a decent retaliation, simply say, 'your ma'. It is derived from the art of performing sexual deviant acts with another person's mother. Variations include 'I did your ma last night, kidda' and 'your ma on toast'.
"You're gay, you are."
"You're ma's gay in bed, la."
by J-Me May 28, 2004
Something that you feel a strong urge to do.
I gotsta get some money before the bank takes my car.
by J-ME June 24, 2003
The name given to the notorious John Johnson of the Johns. Creator of the infamous and ego damaging game known only as 'prove your piabs'.
"Shit, it's the Pureblood and his boys! We must flee!"
by J-Me May 28, 2004
A rather tall individual hailing from Huyton who can supply one with any item they may require.
"Yeah man, The Baron hooked me up with some good shit!"
by J-Me May 29, 2004
A feeling of indifference; neutrality
"J-me, your cat vomited on the carpet"
"Meh. Snoof."
by J-ME April 16, 2005

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