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Unlike a "Bee hatch" (a hatch in a beehive), Beehatch is a nicer way to say the word BITCH, which could either be a female dog, or a whore/cunt of a woman (=bad female).

It's also a way to get your point across past the censors on chats, and forums.
She's a B*** man!
Hey! What the F***! I did not say any M***F***ing ***!
What the F*** are all these stars for?

Hey, calm down dude! It's just the site's censoring!

Ah, ok, so I was saying, she's a Beehatch!

Ok, I get your point now!
by fukaface! April 10, 2011
Amanda is being such a beehatch today.
by J-Diddy March 20, 2003
Noun, A disrespectful address of a woman or her vagina. From the English, BITCH.

Syn. cunt, English.
I checked her out in the bathroom, though. her bee hatch is TO' UP!
by EPB3 September 15, 2005
a beehatch is one who is a big stupid bitch
she will be the biggest most stupidist bitch EVER
wen u meet a beehatch approach with extreme caution ...
she will bite you and try get you
wen she gets you she will bite your bottom
i once saw a 'BEEHATCH' walking dwn the street...then SUDDENLY she pounced on a unsuspecting passer by and brutaly attacked their bottom...
i screamed and shouted 'OH MY GOLLY GOSH YOU R A BEEHATCH'
and that is how the beehatch came about.
by madam butterfly November 07, 2006