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Someone who makes u feel love and feel special someone who makes u feel extremely happy inside
i love my cuddlebear!!!!!!!
by richard battaglia September 07, 2008
an affectionate nickname for a person who loves to cuddle with the person he/she loves.
Jeromy called Dalia his cuddlebear because he loved her very much.
by The original Cuddlebear September 13, 2008
The name you give to your partner when cuddling. The cuddle bear is warm and happy and enjoys spooning as well as many other cuddling positions.
Boy/Girlfriend: Wish I was with my cuddle bear, so warm so happy in my arms i love her.
by PuppyLuver666 November 24, 2014
A term used to describe a person who loves to be hugged, loved, held, given affection and of course to cuddle. Often used to descibe a person who is single and/or lonely.
Oh my god he will not stop trying to hug and cuddle with me, hes such a CuddleBear.
by The 2nd edition CuddleBear October 18, 2010
A cute tall blackman, who loves to dance and sing. A very loving person, and loves to cuddle.
I love you Cuddle Bear.
by C0PYC@T August 19, 2011
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