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30 definitions by Isaac

The aboltion of all large scale goveremnt, esp. to the point of non-existence

{note: large scale goveremnt referes to city state vs. nation state, not totalitarian verse libertarian}

as interepted by the ignerent, choas
no example
by Isaac July 08, 2003
8 9
a (rock) group that has more in the name of stompboxes, distortion pedals, phazers, flangers, etc than talent.
"We went to the club last night to hear that band everyone was talking about, but they were just a pedal band."
by Isaac June 16, 2006
3 5
hearsay denotes this as raunchy. like scheisse porn.
"dude, i cant believe you gave him dheadh."
by isaac April 09, 2005
2 4
the person formerly known as the rook/kardiac kid/the phantom.
my name is poot.-as said by poot
by isaac December 14, 2004
6 11
excrements of the gigantic flaps of meat below your back; see poop
oh my god! I've never seen anyone chug that much butt mudd at once.
by Isaac January 05, 2004
6 14
A male penis.
I stuck my burrito in her taco.
by isaac May 07, 2003
33 41