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A vertically challenged person, usually a wrestler who likes squirming with men. They are usually good looking and have a good sense in music.
"Man, my teacher is such a Acea, but he doesn't look good." Said John. "Man, don't insult Aceas" Said Marcus
by Inuphant January 24, 2008
When a really gay kid pulls a Ch3wy, a travista, and a Leelouster. Then he lies about not being fat. In society, we call these people losers. Then he tries to sue you if you make fun of him.
"I heard Sheldon said he was 15" said Derek. "No, he's just pulling a TheDragon" replied Alex.
by Inuphant March 23, 2008
Someone who gets an offer by a girl to knock her up, but refuses; someone who doesn't want to have wonderful sex.
"Man, why didn't you sleep with Wendy, she pleaded with you!?" Asked John. "I didn't want to get her pregnant" Replied Jake. "Man, you're such a ch33zz"
by Inuphant January 24, 2008
A 20 year old person with an afro who protects Leelousters and Thedragons. This person also sticks up people right outside of mcdonalds with a broken Chardonnay bottle. He loves licking mens sweaty underwear and makes 14 year olds happy in their special places
"Mommy, A Bl1nd licked me last night" Screamed Derek. "What a coincidence, I got robbed by one while buying you your lunch" Said Derek's whore
by Inuphant March 28, 2008
When a retard pretends his family member died so he can get some attention. He can also fake a heart transplant and drowning. This person has no balls, so he can't confess. If he confesses, he makes another lie getting himself hated by everyone. Poor kid breaking his back during his 12 years of living.
"Did you hear Sheldon pretended his sister died?" Asked Derek. "Damn, he's one big Leelouster" replied Alex. "I'm gay" shouted Sheldon
by Inuphant March 23, 2008
A Glorydevil is someone who is very gay, racist against Jews, and follows Hitler's ideals. This person also hates people who ruins the fun of insulting Jews.
"Wow, I heard Michal beat the shit out of a Jew with a trout" Said Alex. "Damn, what a Glorydevil" replied Andrew.
by Inuphant February 13, 2008
A gay Puerto Rican kid who sells shoes made from tires so he can eat. Then he kicks you in the balls then steals your wallet.
"Man, that kid keeps asking me to buy shoes so he can eat" Said Julian. "Ignore him, he's just a stupid Rios" Replied Alex. "That fucking Rios just nailed me in the balls!" screamed Alex. "He's running with your wallet" Replied Julian.
by Inuphant March 25, 2008

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