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A very distant descendant of a human being that has undergone the evolutionary process of merging with technology. Formally homosapien or human being. An entity that possesses a high sense of awareness, along with abilities that far exceeds those capable by any human being. God-like in comparison to humans. Interacts with it's environments on several dimensions, particularly beyond the 3rd.
On average, Holosapiens have begun to terraform planets at the rate of one per month.
by InTune2U November 24, 2011
A deceptive software program that looks useful, but designed to under-perform. An application lacking in usefulness or effective execution. Programmable digital facade, appealing to the eye and interesting in it's description, yet having no substance for the user.
He paid a hefty amount of money for a piece of software to help organize his business, but all he ended up with was a crap app.
by InTune2U November 24, 2011
1.) A thick, creamy, dairy product that is poured into a container, covered, then refrigerated to make homemade icecream within an hour.

2.) Opposite of hotsauce. A liquid drink ingested as a remedy to sooth the burning effects of extremely spicy foods.
Woman : Now that they've come out with coldsauce, I no longer have to purchase icecream from the store, nor use those machines to make it.

Man : I can't participate in the habarnero pepper eating contest if I don't have my coldsauce as a backup.
by Intune2U November 25, 2011
The prerequisite of that which begins. A blackboard of absolute nothingness that precedes a beginning. An absence of anything at all, including that which could exist even on the quantum scale. Somewhat similar to anti-matter, however, without causing a reaction to any known elements. Beyond the encasement of the Universe.
Astronomers have recently detected that there is an area outside of our Universe called the Super Void.
by Intune2U November 24, 2011
To pass time by going to sleep. A way of getting to the next point in time quickly, via sleep. Purposely going to sleep in order to avoid the passage of long hours.
Caller : (11am) What time will you be done with the tuneup on my car??....it's been 2 hours now.

Mechanic : Well, the parts never arrived so we had to reorder. Looks like late this evening, around 7pm.

Caller : Oh man!!, alright then. I'll just sleeptravel til 8pm and give you a call back.

Mechanic : Okay.
by Intune2U November 29, 2011
To re-terraform a dead planet. The act of reinvigorating a failed terraformed planet. A planet that is brought back to life by way of seeding it with chemical elements.
Scientists will replanate Sysoria if it shows no signs of activity in two months.
by Intune2U November 29, 2011
A digital detective whose job consists of tracking down internet criminals. Police officers of the digital world. An elite group of individuals trained in spotting corrupt activity online.
Lately, several hackers have been brought to justice with the help of Etracers.
by Intune2U November 27, 2011

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