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2 definitions by InterestingTeamwork

Origin: Shanking a bitch which you do when she has gotten overly emotional, socially awkward and sketchy on account of overanalyzing a semi-romantic situation involving a member of the opposite sex (i.e. man). Hence, "Shankavitch"; derived from German root words "Shonkol," to soundly destroy, and "Vitchen," a woman's every dream for a relationship.

When SVitch finds a girl in a vulnerable condition due to a questionable interaction with a guy, she senses her opening and begins to sniff around looking to make trouble or destroy the relationship at hand.

Legend tells us, she bears a striking resemblance to that longhaired dead bitch that crawls on the floor featured in many Japanese horrors movies, including "Ringu" and "The Grudge" (I don't know the word for "grudge" in Japanese).

Shankavitch oftentimes leads girls to such extreme manifestations of crazy-bitchness A) Facebook stalking a guy she went/made out with once B) Freaking the shit out of a guy by picking names out for their would-be children on their first date C) Screwing up a tim tam slam and consequently spilling about 8 oz. of hot tea into her lap D) Crying hysterically because her random hook-up, with whom she thought she "really had a connection" never called her back E) Whilst drunk, she has a heart-to-heart with a member of the opposite sex professing her intense interest in him, whom she only met the day before F) Making out with an innocent guy who she has no interest in, just to make another guy jealous

Synonym: "P-tastic"; Alias: Samara
"Umm, did you see her in the store when he walked by? Shankavitch totally came out to rage on her body, and as a result, she verbally abused her friends and then lost three dates. (Awesome.)"

"Dude, Shankavitch thrashed all over her life on Sunday, when she called a restaurant to see whether it was really closed as her date said, if he was actually watching a football game or if he was blowing her off. YEAH."

"The pukers have, what some might call, functional relationships due the low frequency at whi ch Shankavitch asserts her influence into their lives."
by InterestingTeamwork November 30, 2006
Someone who tries to be witty, but fails.
He was so unwitty when he text messaged me this...
"So far I just want u to know that ur one of the most beautiful women i have ever met both inside and out. One could say 'girl ur the shit' Have a great day!"
by InterestingTeamwork January 05, 2007