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When the whole world is one giant inside joke that you're not a part of.
by Interactive November 06, 2009
A fat abomination that enjoys vagina. Often confused with Rosseanne.
Rosie O'donnell
by Interactive November 06, 2009
Proof that you don't need talent to succeed in the music business.
Lady gaga
by Interactive November 06, 2009
The awkward time between getting the bill and finalizing on how to divvy up the tab between 2 or more people at a sit-down restaurant, especially when the check is much higher than you expected, and you even do the blink-backwards-head-nod in surprise at the price difference.

Typically the check dance indicates the quality of another person. If the other person who did not receive the check makes no indication of willingness to negotiate on how to split the check evenly or even attempts to pay the entire tab (whether genuine or not), this will tell you that that particularly person is a cheap ungrateful douche' bag.
After eating tons of food at the Olive Garden, we got the bill, and I was expecting to check dance over it, but my cheap date didn't even attempt to look at how much the bill came out to.
by Interactive September 28, 2009
The breakdown, degradation, failure, or complete rape of the English language. To grammar fail is to commit the ultimate sin, especially over internet chat boards. Grammar failing has no specific definition or scenario. It can be made by any person, at any age, at any time, anywhere in the world.

Grammar failing includes, but is not limited to:

● A simple misspelling of a word.

● The wrong context or wrong use of words.

● Managers posting signs intended for their crew that haven't been properly proofread, and may indicate why they're stuck in their $24K a year job.

● People trying to use eloquent words in ordinary conversation to appear smarter, but have, in fact, used the word in the wrong way.


Any combination of the above Grammar Failures can be combined to form an ultimate, yet to be defined, grammar broked. Grammar brokeding is typically reserved for African Americans that reside in the projects.

Grammar failing is highly looked down upon, and committing this act will forever label you as a person to avoid associating with on Facebook, Myspace, or Twitter.
The Mets Sucks

man, i cant beleive i work on wendesday

Please be sure to request off for advance for future vacations you may be taking soon. Thanks, management

Did you see that Grammar Fail that our 1st assistant manager posted in the back crew room?

Why yes, I too found that their signature dish tasted rather convoluted. -- Wait, what?

Person 1: church was crackin today like always seen some old faces that i havent seen in a long time man thank you jesus

Person 2: chruch can never crack so stop it and dont go to see people you go to get the word so keep that in mind

Person 1: shut up ikeem for i smack you and chuch do be crackin aleast mine do
by Interactive September 29, 2009
My mind's telling me no, but my body is telling me yes
by Interactive November 06, 2009
1) Something that homeless people need in order to live.

2) Something Obama never gave us.
by Interactive November 06, 2009

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