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Pronounced with excessive exaggeration of the second "a", as in example 1. Shaddap is used to tell somebody to shut up without sounding overly serious. It can also be used pre-emptively, as in example 2. The crowning usage of shaddap however is as an unexpected end to a phrase, particularly when used to imply that somebody had said something extremely stupid.
1. "Shaddaaaaaaaaaaaap."

2. "I know what you're going to say, and I'm telling you, shaddap."

3. "How much more does a hard drive weigh when full?"
"Oh it weighs about shaddaaaap."
by Innominate February 01, 2008
Cutting all ties is a complicated procedure in which all connections to an individual or group, most commonly social and emotional, are severed. One would most usually cut all ties after a particularly embarrassing incident with this individual or group, especially when the incident in question is the sudden revelation that the individual or group was in fact the subject of covert hatred by the tie-cutter(s).

Can be used in a comical sense to convey the level of embarrassment an action has resulted in.

When a tie-cutting manoeuvre fails, the results are dismal at best. Generally a collapse of the tie-cutting group and their relationships is a certainty. Reasons for a failure can include, but are not limited to: a tie-cutter faltering in their resolve, an unexpected need for the tie-cuttee's abilities or connections, or the failure to convey the nature of the tie-cutting to all parties involved.
"I hate that guy, as soon as he finds out I reckon we should cut all ties."

"You can't sing for shit man, cut all ties."

"Why is that Lewis here, I thought we cut all ties?"
"We did, but then we needed his camera. We're screwed."
by Innominate January 26, 2008
When an image is altered by an image manipulation program such as Adobe Photoshop (from where the adjective is derived), it is said to be shopped. This usually has the connotation that the subject matter is impossible or unrealistic, such as unusually sized mammaries or unexpected phalluses.

This is shopped. I can tell by the pixels and the fact that I have done many shops in my time.
by Innominate July 16, 2007
Emasculine as in e-masculine. A portmonteau of emasculated and masculine. Typically used to describe that particular breed of man that compensates for real-life effeminacy by being an internet tough guy.
This guy said he would kick my ass after I beat him at CS. He's so emasculine!
by Innominate September 06, 2008
Pronounced ing-lush.

The peculiar brand of English spoken and written by citizens of the United States of America. Typically characterised by omitted 'u's, double negatives and the redundant use of 'z' instead of 's' in words such as "realise".
Person 1: I ain't never seen a color like that y'all!

Person 2: Oh God, he's reverted to Englush.
by Innominate November 06, 2008
When something is just so full of shit that no other word will do.
I've had enough of this bullshittical crap, I'm going to sleep.
by Innominate December 08, 2008
SIY is the counterpoint to DIY - Screw It Yourself. It can refer to one of two things:
1. A frustratingly difficult Do It Yourself exercise attempted by an unqualified 'handyman'.
2. A retort to a friend setting you up with a troll.

Combinations are possible.
1. Fuck this SIY Ikea shit!

2. SIY, I'm not touching that.

Combination: SIY, I bet she goes for premature ejaculators.
by Innominate April 30, 2009
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