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Someone pale and freckled who dares showing up in a bathing suit on the shores of New Jersey.
Guido: Who is Freckles McGee over there?

Juicehead: Someone in desperate need of a spraytan! C'mon let's GTL.
by Ingaling August 13, 2010
Short form of the jive word "foshizzle," or white colloquialism "forshizzle," which both mean "for sure."
Dudette: Do you want to go to the free concert?

Dude: Foshizz 'lil mizz!
by ingaling April 09, 2011
Act of getting daily Starbucks fix
I am so tired, I need to go get Starbucksed.

Russell looks so out of it, has he been Starbucksed yet today?
by Ingaling February 28, 2010
Something out of the ordinary, not right
The surgeon who operated on the patient with multiple bowel surgeries commented that the patient's anatomy was "squinky" when he attempted to resect his colostomy.
by Ingaling February 28, 2010
A person who's personality reeks, assumingly of poop.
Every job has it's share of turds with whom you have to work.
by Ingaling February 14, 2010
Name given to a newly naturalized citizen of the United States, preferably female.
A: Did you hear Carole passed her citizenship exam with flying colors?

B: You mean the new Miss America?
by Ingaling March 31, 2010
(sarcasm) Adjective used to describe someone with a dry, quiet demeanor, made more humorous when coupled with a name such as Mark.
Smile Markles Sparkles!
by Ingaling February 28, 2010

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