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From Chappelle's Show. Of or relating to actions of African Americans. Definitely not practiced by Clayton Bigsby.
Sir! I assure you I am not involved in any niggerdom!
by inane February 28, 2005
Acting in a way indicative of the stereotypical black male. For example, licking women's faces, smoking marijuana, drinking to excess, and spending every waking moment in Da Club.
Man, that Lil John is too damn mad niggerish!
by inane February 28, 2005
A mullet on a woman. Found primarily in trailer parks and Wal Marts. Specimens are known to breed young mullet bearers (see also mullet farmer) and are commonly found toothless and shoeless. Also known as the Tennessee Tophat, Mississippi Waterfall, Business in Front Party in Rear, etc...
Many redneck women like to rock a she mullet.
by inane February 26, 2005
Homosexual male. See also chocolate charmer.
Man, that Elton John is the king of all fudge hustlers.
by inane June 11, 2005
Homosexual male. See also fudge hustler.
Those Queer Eye dudes are real chocolate charmers.
by inane February 28, 2005
when something's grandful, it's happy and fun and grand
"I had a grandful time"
by Inane April 01, 2005
l337 f0r l053r
(leet for the word loser)
j00 4|23 4 |_053|2!!!
by Inane March 26, 2005
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