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when it's between the hours of 12 and 3 am and you're not sure what to call today even though it's the next day but it feels like yesterday. word created by my friend Kuro
Josie: oh man! what time is it?
Ursula: it's quarter past 2.
Josie: so it's todaymorrownite?
Ursula: yeah.
by ImitationJesus December 01, 2010
a more powerful form of power that has yet to be utilized by scientists and engineers. however, Chuck Norris is an avid user of paower, and in fact, discovered it. he doesn't like sharing his paower.
it is not wise to try to steal Chuck Norris's paower. just by thinking of attempting to steal it puts you at the top of Chuck's must kill list.
by ImitationJesus July 05, 2010
a kind of sauce mostly given out to people who order Chinese take out. if you have at least five pounds of the sauce, then it becomes a party.
Guy 1: "What am i going to do with five pounds of expired duck sauce?!"
Guy 2: "Throw the sickest, most off the walls party this planet's ever seen!"
Guy 1: "You tried some of this stuff, didn't you?"
by ImitationJesus December 05, 2010
a wimp who out-wimps other wimps, usually by backing out of any pre-made deal with a pitiful excuse.
Guy 1: "Hey Billy! Where you going? You said you were gonna help us install this plasma!"
Billy: "Well, I realized that I still haven't decided on whether to organize my Madonna albums either alphabetically or when they were released."
Guy 2: "Man, what a soft cloth."
by ImitationJesus July 10, 2010

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