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When it comes to jet dogfights in Battlefield 3; once you know you're completely screwed in a dogfight, you switch randomly up- or downwards hoping for the best.
Doing this is called a "Qrzma".
"It sure looks like he is about to get killed, since he's pulling a Qrzma".

"That guy performed a Qrzma last dogfight".
by imhotep January 23, 2013
Used for describing a CS player with perfect awareness, aim and game sense.
"That guy just wiped a team by himself using only 5 bullets! He must be hMp!"
by imhotep January 23, 2013
Jerkfaced like a biological entity that has a strobe in its neck.
Quit being so biostrobnostic SWOBO!
by Imhotep November 26, 2004
Extending from its meaning of water leaving a faucet. To drip is to percipitate in a barely detectable manner.
I barely noticed the rain because it was only dripping, but after awhile the downpour commensed.
by Imhotep November 15, 2004
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