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When a woman achieves sexual arousal by wearing tight jeans. This occurs when the seam of the jeans comes into contact with the clitoris and, by pressing one's thighs together, creates a pleasurable sensation that often leads to orgasm.
The guys at work think I'm just working on reports in my cube, but in reality I'm "riding the seam" every time we have a casual day.
by IM3 July 10, 2008
When a flirtatious woman uses verbiage to sexually arouse another person, knowing damn well she never really intends to have intercourse with that individual. Synonymous with cock tease.
Jim: At lunch Tonya told me that she has had several MMF threesomes with other guys. I think she is totally hot, and just about jizzed my pants when she told me that. Do you think I have a chance to score with her?

Bill: Cool your hormones, Jim. Tonya is just winding you up for a severe case of fruit denial, because she doesn’t give up her pussy to anyone around here. We've all tried.
by IM3 January 22, 2008
A man or woman with whom a person falls in love, but is unresponsive to the pursuer's advances. Such a scenario can take months or years to forget.
I loved her so much that I was about to ditch the wife and kids for her, but she just wanted to be "friends." Now it is two years later, and I still can't get her out of my mind. She is a mind manacle.
by IM3 January 20, 2008
When a group of men invite women to a party with the goal of eventually having sex with them on the premises.
The party at Joe's house started out tame, but by the time everyone started playing strip poker, it started to segue into a no holds barred clam bang. Chicks ended up gettin' pumped everywhere!
by IM3 January 22, 2008
Semen that has been injected into a woman's vagina. Also known as a creampie.
I really didn't know that I gave her a double testicular dose of clam cream until long after the condom broke. Damn, I better start saving up for the child support . . . .
by IM3 January 20, 2008
A term that refers to what happens when a woman reaches a heightened state of sexual arousal, causing her vagina to secrete natural lubrication.
Although I am ten years his senior, our new intern is so hot looking that I start to swim every time I am around him.
by IM3 November 09, 2008
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