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Abbreviation for I Got 50. An adjective used to describe those that achieve a mark that exceeds 100% in things such as tests and projects.
Student A: Did you get the bonus question?
Student B: I IG5'ed it so badly.
by IG5 February 17, 2008
Joining every single club your school has to offer, only to quit all of them because are uninteresting. You may even form your own club afterward.
I'm going to Pull a Haruhi on clubs day because I'm bored.
by IG5 September 08, 2008
A gesture one does when something stupid or obvious is said. The gesture is done by taking your right arm and hitting the left side of your chest repeatably. The equivalent of a face palm. Created by the best teacher ever.
Person 1: People die if they are killed.
Person 2: No way! *Fowlers*
by IG5 November 05, 2008

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