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51 definitions by Hunter

A demonstration of profound lack of knowlege.
I just boulignied my exam.
by hunter April 10, 2005
This natural phenomenon has been around since the dwarven days of old. When two men desired anal they would conjoin there anus's and one partner begins by defecating. Once the fecel matter has penetrated the parallel anus the sphincter reacts and takes in the feces and mothers it as if it were its own. Once the anus has acquired its new bounty it relieves its self back from whence it came. Once statrted, the petpetual anal motion can not be stopped or disturbed by any means or this very act would be defying god himself and all life would end.
The Perpetual Anal Motion Postulate Therum Vol.1 Revised Addition Platinum Anal Series Copyright 1901 can perpetuate in my cavity any day.
by Hunter October 23, 2004
A word meaning "I'm Great", often followed by the phrase "Praise Me"
Damn! My friend is a right Pinske when he plays the guitar
by hunter April 26, 2005
a confrontation with a scannel or scannel like person, usualy resulting in the person accused being excom'd (AKA excomunicated)

usualy the person who is accused has actualy done nothing at all, but is just picked out randomly.
(5 minutes left in class, watching the end to a booring movie)
scannel: hunter go sit over there, thats your new home.
(hunter has no clue whats going on)
steve: OOOOO you just got scanneled!!!!
by hunter February 09, 2005
Slang for "alright"
She said, "Aiiet." And walked off.
by hunter April 27, 2004
The things that hold the air in on tires. Cromies are the ones that are nice or metal.
"yo check out the cromies on that bmw"
by Hunter June 12, 2003
A complete and utter fuckwit, which spoils parties.

Thinks that he has an oppinion which is always right.
Likely to be out of fashion by 20 years and buy clothes from thrift shops.
by Hunter November 19, 2003