51 definitions by Hunter

the hair between your nuts and your ass
You are a filthy dodeis licking whore.
by hunter May 01, 2003
when u pull the head of the penis out of a female's vagina during her period, the head of the penis is bloody
Oh no, now i have a bloody cheereo.
by Hunter April 09, 2005
to shoot someone in the knee cap.
If the bitch comes around I'm gonin' cap him.
by hunter July 19, 2004
The lowest of the low, a worthless member of some caste. A word to describe things that are pathetic, grundle should not be confused with the real word pronounced the same way, Grundel. Fuck Grundel.
"Georgia Tech is the grundle of the college world," or "Kenny is the grundle of the homeless world." Also a good candidate for overuse, if only to aggravate those around you.
by Hunter October 01, 2003
another term for physco bitch also commonly used to describe the behavior of one as bitchy
"Shut Up i hate you"
"WOW you dont have to be al C.t about it
by hunter February 07, 2003
smoke chronic
yo lets take a cake break
by hunter July 25, 2003
If you play any video game over the Internet, a Local Area Network (LAN), or any other way involving multiplayer functionality, you should use this name... L053R. That is spelled with a capital L, a zero, a five, a three, and an R. It strikes fear in the hearts of your opponents particularly when you hump their dead corpse and your name is rising up and own over their cresty, mutilated body.

Use this title particularly if you play Halo, Halo 2, or any of the Unreal Tournament games. Now, you can use this in other video games, but it's not as good as when you use it in a futuristic first person shooter game.
L053R shot WINNER in the Family Jewels!

That's 104 kills for L053R and zip-o for WINNER!
by Hunter October 01, 2004
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