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-the love of your life
-the sweetest, cutest, most loving, most significant, significant other you've ever had
-the one you can always reach for
-the one that wants to love you forever and build a family with
-will do everything with you
-laugh and play
-handcuff you just to pick at your face
-wipe your butt when you can't get everything
-take care of you when your sick
-watch movies they hate with you
-take you job hunting
-make your parents love them
-buy you "just because" presents
-talk to you on the phone while their busy at work
-make you breakfast in bed
-talk in a cute voice in front of their friends to you
-bring you everywhere possible
-sing songs to you
-kiss you in the rain
-write you secret notes
-make fondue with you
-sneak you money when playing monopoly
-stare into your eyes randomly
-take a bubble bath with you and read stories also
-promise to marry you
-protects you
by greenbear3 August 11, 2010
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A term used to identify your girlfriend or boyfriend.
"Michael is my babylove."

Boo, booboo, Babyboo, etc.
by Sunnykate March 20, 2008
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An annoying pet name that a couple calls each other in front of a group of their friends to make everyone else feel uncomfortable
katie: hey baby love

David: hi baby love!

Katie: your my woovie baby love!

by D thizzle March 14, 2008
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The opposite of platonic love, between a man in a woman in which the two, in or out of a marital relationship love eachother in such a way that they both would consent to and enjoy conceiving a child together.
"Oh, April and I? No no, sure I love her, but we don't have Baby Love! Weird!"
by Special-Kev March 04, 2006
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