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Babaloo Aiye (Father of the World) is an Orixa (Deity) of the Lukumi tradition. This tradition is commonly known in the West as Santeria, and is a sincretic afro-caribbean belief based on magic that goes back to ancient African Yoruba roots.
Babaloo is the Orixa that controls disease,and hence the rightful owner of the Earth.
Ricky Ricardo indeed did yell *Babaloooooo* in I Love Lucy, but what you ignorant gringos aren´t aware of is that, amid all that mambo, he was invoking and welcoming the presence of the Lord of Healing and Strength.
This reminds me that there is a band named Babaloo that plays something called PUNK MAMBO. Now I'm not kidding... Punk Mambo, according to their publicity blurb, *is a mix of soukous, mambo, chacha, samba, reggae, ska and cumbia, sauteed with some special ingredients and blended with the energy and wise-guy antics of punk*
Now, I want to think that Babaloo Aiye himself won't take offense out of this... but if he does, these guys will soon start getting festering pustules on their balls.
Babaloo Aiye is only one of many Orixas, other are Oxala, Oxum, Xango, Nana, Oba, Ogun, Oxossi, etc.
by Hugh G Rection June 08, 2005
has the same meaning as calling someone "sugarplum" or "sweetie". It's a slang version of "babylove" that with a lazy tongue turned it into "babaloo"
Hi Babaloo, how was your day?
by Hunter June 28, 2004
afro-cuban word which was used by ricky ricardo in one of his songs on i love lucy.
Babalooo Babaloo Aye (watch i love lucy u'll get it)
by "Dri" January 17, 2004
In jamaican slang means stupid
hey babaloo watch your driving , you almost crash.
by zhatiro August 12, 2005
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