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a fast, witty comment; a one-liner
by Hugh G. Rection October 21, 2003
greatest show of all time. now that season one is over, tuesdays are really going to blow now.
by Hugh G. Rection October 25, 2003
what guys use to get satisfaction.
"Mike, i was with my g/f lastnight and she sucked me off so good!"
"Thats great,rob, remember i was there though?"
"AHH! what he hell where you doing there?"
"I was with your g/f too"
by Hugh G. Rection August 22, 2003
Aragorn's elven chick.
Some LOTR so-called fans argue endlessly over Peter Jackson's decision to make her more relevant in his masterpiece films, but its just because:
a) They are morons and they can't tell their assholes from a hole in the ground.
b) They are gay and they'd rather see more of Eomer without his mail shirt.
Jay: Hey dude, ive made a copy of the full extended version of LOTR and edited out the parts where that fucking Arwen chick appears!
Silent Bob: No shit asshole? When do YOU start filming the Silmarillion?
by Hugh G. Rection March 04, 2005
To let go several farts in a continuous stream. Its not like whe u let go a long deep fart, but rather its like a sucession of smaller farts.
Ahh I just let go a Gatling Gun
by Hugh G. Rection October 15, 2005
a fuckin douchebag freckle faced albino nippled son of a bitch who likes to give q-tips to little hairy fetuses.
As soon as the baby was born, Cornelius arrived with his douchebag in hand and two halfs of shit to shove into the poor little guy's ears.
by Hugh G. Rection April 30, 2004
a pussy;vagina
that bitch has one loose twat!
by hugh G. Rection September 01, 2003

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