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Rap group formed from being hood rich and just living the life
Money,cars,bitches, padz..
The big tymers music videos are dope because they consist of money cars and bitches
by House February 28, 2005
Person who removes female virginity at every opportunity. They reguarly boast of their safecracking expertise usually with one eye watchin for the fuzz. Safecracking derived from the difficulty and expertise required to crack a bank vault for the first time. After its been done once its easy to do again so they are constantly sourcing their next triumphant raid
Ed your such a fucking safecracker!

So how do you become a safecracker?
by House March 03, 2005
Taken from the cartoon series Scooby Doo

Means i havent got a clue
Wheres dward at?
I havent got a scooby doo, last time i saw him he was trying to get some girl to eat a scooby snack
by House April 11, 2005
English phrase based on Fort Knox in Baltimore USA. Used mainly in the north. Used when shot down by an attractive woman to regain male pride or when succsesful with a notoriously difficult bird. {safecracker}
Man shes harder to crack than Fort Knox!

You'ld have an easier time breaking in to Fort Knox.

Her pussys like Fort Knox.

Ive just found the keys to Fort Knox.
by House March 03, 2005

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