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The study of the extreme fear of the state before you are not not not deprived (fullnessicityinglyticulationism).
Bill is studying in the filed of preantinonundeprivedfullnessicityinglyticulationismaphobiology.
by Hopper91788 June 10, 2003
1) Small circular pieces of metal used to barter for merchandise.
2) A difference.
(2) Change is inevitable, (1) except from a vending machine.
by Hopper91788 June 10, 2003
The place where you got tired of thinking.
After hours of hard work and study, he got tired of thinking and finally came to a conclusion.
by Hopper91788 June 10, 2003
A length of time dependent upon which side of the bathroom door you are on.
As a minute passed on the inside of the bathroom, over an hour has gone by outside of it.
by Hopper91788 June 10, 2003

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