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3 definitions by Hoov

Any person, man or woman, considered to be 'cool,' or in the know as to how the 'shizznaz hangs.'

Origin: Wait, are you kidding...? Where do you think the pimp juice comes from?
Lenny: "Dude, I just scored a hat trick! Check out my mullet!"
Chester: "Dude, you are one mother of a pimpnozzle!"
by Hoov April 06, 2004
1 2
A word that one says.
Yesterday, he said the word, 'foulad'.
by Hoov May 16, 2004
1 4
It's an even whiter version of 'word'
Lenny: "Yo, Chester, check out dat ass"
Chester: "Wærrrrd"
by Hoov March 12, 2004
3 11