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3 definitions by Hoolia

The country directly north of the USA. Typically called "Canada" but we decided it must be "Canadia" and "Canadians" or "Canada" and Canadans" and "Canadia" sounds so much spiffier.
I have to go visit relatives in Canadia.
by Hoolia August 18, 2003
929 354
The universal number. Look for it and you'll see it everywhere. Movies, adresses, and particularly, the sample card for American Express.
Geez, there's ANOTHER 37!!!!!!
by Hoolia August 18, 2003
46 31
"in the know" . . . only if you are truly ITN do you realize that the N stands for "know".
We went to this bar in Williamsburg that was so ITN it didn't have a name and you had to climb down through a hole in the sidewalk to get there.
by hoolia August 29, 2005
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