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A terminal medical condition that happens when a person accomplished one or more of the following.

1) Doesn't step out of their basement for a week

2) Is a virgin by age 40.

3) Reached level 85 on WoW before kissing a woman

The affliction is easily obtainable by other means, and there's no known cure other than hookers.
Man, I just turned 40 and I'm still a virgin. I think I'm coming down with Nevergonnagetlaidingytis.
#virgin #never gonna get laid #geek #nerd #worthless
by Homonopoly champ April 11, 2011
(Adjective) Acting like a fanboy.
His repated use of "Desu" made it clear that he was rather fanboyant.
#fanboy #virgin #fanboyantly #fangirl #flamboyant
by Homonopoly champ November 27, 2011
A gay version of monopoly. Going to jail is an instant win.
Man, I can't believe Jack bought Homonopoly. This is going to be the worst game night!

If you think about it, there's so many gay celebrities, and they're all going to jail. Is this real-life Homonopoly?
#homo #monopoly #gay #fag #homosexual
by Homonopoly champ January 22, 2011
A Jewish man that never changes his shoes.
There goes the Rabbi, and he's wearing the same orthodox shoe as always.
#jew #jewish #orthodox #ocd #shoe
by Homonopoly champ May 11, 2011
A name you utter when you find out someone back-stabbed you.
Person 1: Mike told me everything. Why did you sleep with my wife?
Person 2: Snitch Sonofabitch.
#snitch son of a bitch #snitch sonuvabitch #snitch sob #snitch #son of a bitch
by Homonopoly champ January 25, 2011
An african-american Brony.
White Brony: Man, I didn't know Jamal liked My Little Pony. He's a Negrony.
#brony #brohoof #nigger #nigga #princess celestia
by Homonopoly champ April 01, 2012
The feeling you get after fapping to your favorite fetish.
Man, I just wanked to Asian porn. I feel happily ever fapter.
#orgasm #aftersex #pleasure #masturbation #fap
by Homonopoly champ July 29, 2011
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