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When tripping on acid, French for donut. Often found to instigate fierce nasal bleeding. Bleeding may be thwarted by sprinkling frozen corn on carpet and walking briskly upon them with bare feet.
"Hey Donovan, would you like a Doch Neu?"

"No way dude, not Vacaville"
by Hironimus October 20, 2004
A greeting from a short scruffy dog, usually stemming from a yawn (cuz him's sleepy from all them naps)
When the pizza guy showed up, little Scruffy said "aroont?" as if asking "do I get a slice?"
by Hironimus September 04, 2014
1. A three toed animal that lives in trees and eats leaves all day.
2. One of the seven deadly sins.
3. One lazy son-of-a-bitch named Prana.
4. The freaky-looking guy in The Goonies that loves Baby Ruth candy bars.
"Why were you late for work?"
"I fell asleep in the shower."
"...again?! What a fucking Sloth!"
by Hironimus October 20, 2004

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