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The person we all love that brings pizza to our doors
"i love ordering pizza, because the pizza guy comes to me and i dont have to go to the store!"
by Cobrajr122 June 26, 2006
A demi-god to most college students.
A: I've been studying for 10 f***ing hours and now it's 3AM and I'm hungry as f***, dude.
B: Order a pizza.
A: That's a good idea.
---later that night---
B: Pizza guy's here.
A: ...I love that man.
by AmishVomitCake May 13, 2008
Typically a white male in their late teens, with brown medium-long hair, and possesses an annoying personality.
Sam: Jenny did you remember that 'Pizza Guy' at the diner last night?!

Jenny: Yea, he kept annoyingly trying to talk to us.
by Carter Wall June 22, 2011
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