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The absolute greatest and funniest insult you can give a person. (recommended use is on popular online games)
~newbieMaN- yer a fag. quit being gay!yer a f**king homo and u need to die!

~You- Shut up u Smack Tard!
by HippySlayer October 21, 2004
1. The disorder or having multiple penuses where there should only be one.
2. A word that you can call someone that pisses u off. (It just rolls right off the tounge)
Lick my balls, WangCock!
by HippySlayer October 21, 2004
A gay psyshic jewish nazi eskimo porn star midget with a pegleg made of hardened kangaroo turds.
Oh look... here comes the Ultimo-Gaywad
by HippySlayer October 23, 2004

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