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Hoer slet kutje
kom hier hoer slet kutje
by hihi April 09, 2003
1) Having to take a dump so bad, and you could not reach the bathroom in time, so your slimey dihareha goes all over the floor, and near someones face ocassionally.
2) Saying "oops" then shitting everywhere on everyone.
3) Just having to go take a fat dump next to a garden gnome whos reading "how to increaase your woody" while wiping your ass with toilet wife paper tits bitch.
1) He PoopyBigOops himself, what a loser.
2) "OOPS" Poopybigoops.
3) I poopybigoops on that fat guys yard.
by HiHi January 20, 2005
1) An instrument used to remove an anal cavity from somebodys anus.
2) An instrument used to scratch your ass when its really itchy.
3) A really big dildo.
1) Hes gonna use the bigbobs when he extracts the cavity.
2) My ass is itchy, hand me the bigbobs.
by HiHi January 20, 2005
1) Someone lacking a big peepee.
2) Someone whos pinky is bigger then their peepee.
3) Somebody with a really tiny penis, so they injeect steroids into their sackhole, and laugh really hard.
1+2) That guys a peepchak LOL!
by HiHi January 20, 2005
1) Radius of a blade.
2) Egotistical UT dork.
Ok, that was a good game, but you don't need to get all bladeradius about it...
by HIHI September 04, 2003
a bunch of idiots in a shithole club
#ript: fgts on ice, horray!
by hihi December 12, 2004
1. a store that sells skate and surf stuff
for skaters and surfers
2. a store that sells skate and surf stuff for people who are not a skater or a surfer
3. short for pacific sun, you may think, but it is really short for Poser Store.
1. "hey i need a new sweatshirt! my other ripped when i was skating! Let's go to pac sun!"
2. "hey let's go to pac sun! so people take me as a skater!"
by hihi March 30, 2005

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