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Kevin Rudolf is a musician famous for his hit Let it Rock but also has several other hits such as Welcome to the World. His album In the City has a diverse selection of genres including pop, blues, and rock. One of the freshest artists in the current pop scene.
Joey is known to dance pathetically to Kevin Rudolf music.
by Hershey400 May 18, 2009
A semi-supernatural being that is capable of massive blood loss and nearly always knows what your next move is going to be. Some of the best girlfriends have been recognized as demi-gods. This is someone you want as an ally.
Lucas's girlfriend once showed me how to set Sandra's hair on fire.
by Hershey400 May 18, 2009
What you get when you type "haha" too fast.
omg john that is so funny, haah
by Hershey400 May 16, 2009
One of the most unappreciated, yet amazing, youtube phenominoms. The main and singular component of this video is the song "Last Train to Awesome Town".. and the video itself is about just that. Also, five different types of nachos are definitely the way-to-go according to this video. Totally an under the radar hit
Last Train to Awesome Town is one of my favorite songs ever; who doesnt want five different types of nachos?
by Hershey400 May 21, 2009
The status Urban Dictionary editors get once they make 300 decisions. Relateable to epic victory.
Jason spent his whole weekend making difficult decisions on urban dictionary, but it so payed off when he earned Baller Stat!
by Hershey400 May 17, 2009
Chairman Bob is the awesome communist leader of Aldies foods. He is often mistaken for Chuck Norris, because he is just so awesome. If you ever see Chairman Bob, either A) you have no life left in order to consider options, or B) you are about to have all your grocery wishes come true.
Chairman Bob is to America as fate is to life.
by Hershey400 May 16, 2009
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