21 definitions by Heidi

means the same thing as pop and lock but more up to date
He was ticin like whoe at that party.
by Heidi December 22, 2004
high on ecstasy.
That girl is stuck.
by heidi June 11, 2003
Goth is to gothic as vamp is to vampyre.

Someone with dark makeup and/or clothes and/or fangs would be vamped out.
by Heidi April 26, 2005
noun. knocker of the farts.
Tyson is a fartknocker.
by Heidi January 08, 2003
One who plays bass and has one extremely awesome baby toe.
"Viva la Bard"

"Bard is B-rad!"
by Heidi April 12, 2004
1st grader who throws rocks at other people and has an attention span of a fish.
He hasn't grown since 1st grade.
by heidi December 03, 2003
The act of lactating on your partner. Often performed by the woman while making sweet sweet love down by the fire.
My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard, and their like,"its better than yours" ect...
by Heidi March 10, 2005

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