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21 definitions by Heidi

a crew originating from tel-aviv, israel
that party was da shiznit, it's probably from the km47
by heidi October 25, 2003
6 3
the statistics show most computer "nerds" are antisocial teenage males.
but i'm a girl and i'm not antisocial.
computer nerds are people that like computers FAR too much and spend most of their waking hours on it. they also know a lot that normal users dont
omg i just found a watch that has a usb cord stuck inside of it and it holds stuff!
by heidi February 03, 2004
8 7
A phrase used to describe the mentality of a man, hence MANtality. Can also be used in conjunction with WOMANtality.
I get so frustrated with his mantality.
by heidi December 03, 2004
11 11
an extremely hot guy whose marriage with jessica simpson ended after she cheated on him. man she is stupid. hes very sweet and loved jessica simpson more than jessica ever loved him. he is from ohio and one of his best friends is his brother, who is also hot but not as hot as nick say he is more cute.
nick lachey is hot and i will marry him.

i am on team lachey NOT team simpson. (oh btw jessica was seen buying her own team simpson shirt. HOW PATHETIC!!)

by heidi June 16, 2006
81 84
the phrase you repeat mindlessly when you are really really tired
Bears with swords, bears with swords, bears with swords...
by Heidi April 25, 2004
7 11
1.) Horny a. Desirous of sexual activity.
b. Sexually aroused.
2.) The fat of a deer.
3.) The clear of mucus; to blow.
1.) I'm feeling rather snetty this evening.
2.) Wow, man. Check out that snet.
3.) He snet his nose into maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-aaaaaaaaaaaagazines.
by Heidi January 01, 2005
1 8
Abreviation for the Church of Satan, an official organization referring to those that worship the devil.
He is a member of the CoS.
Just like FBC is First Baptist Church...
by Heidi April 26, 2005
12 21