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usually found lurking around internet cafes this creature is what we in NZ call a 'wannabe progamer'.. generally chubby in stature this beast spends countless hours playing a stupid computer game thinking one day he will make a living out of it, also tend to sacrifice anything to win the abovementioned game which includes fucking over everyone of his so-called friends
by HeatoN March 18, 2003
A very highly skilled Counter-striek player
Wow that was ownage. Almost Joshdajoker-like.
by Heaton September 28, 2003
means Do It On Lan
usually used by the players who can lan and cant stand getting owned online because their just too 'good' on lan.
*** h4x0r kill jembah with a headshot from AK47 ***
*** h4x0r kill KooLkiD with a headshot from AK47 ***
*** h4x0r kill HeAtOn661 with a headshot from AK47 ***
*** h4x0r kill r33tn00b with a headshot from AK47 ***
*** h4x0r kill fagdick with a headshot from AK47 ***
Terrorists Win
---New Round---
h4x0r: ^^
by heaton February 16, 2004
1) God.
2) To be the best.
3) ereet~
'what a Kov'
'only Kov is that good...'

'<HeatoN> I taught Kov how to play, but he is alot higher skilled than me now.'
by HeatoN April 02, 2003
1. boy with ginger pubes
2. a rare type of cs groupie who can actually play good counter-strike
*** You have been banned from #SK
by HeatoN March 19, 2003
1. Sook
2. fgt
3. crap in wars
That guy is helll magey stylez.

I played like magey tonight...
by HeatoN August 11, 2003
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