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Just one of the guys, who just happens to be really short, a.k.a. "Vertically Challenged". That's all; he's just a short guy that hangs with you and your buddies. If he happens to be a niche beer fanatic, then it's a bonus: a double entendre.

There is nothing in this word that dictates the person's demeanor, so there could be microbros that are jerks, brainiacs, whatever.
The quintessential microbro is Holt Ann Richter, the character from The Cleveland Show. (voiced by Jason Sudeikis) - Holt attempts to be a suave, pop-culture reference-dropping bro, but the effect is undercut by his short stature (he is short enough to be mistaken for a child, as proven by Kendra occasionally referring to him as "the baby man")
by Headcircus March 13, 2013

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Noun: An individual of the 'bro' persuasion who frequents bars and liquor stores, attempting to appear educated and classier than the common man through loud discussion about beer perceived as craft.
That microbro spoke very highly of Blue Moon and Leinenkugals.
by sdkluber July 18, 2014