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It's "metal" in an electro house format. Big room style, big reverb, heavy guitar-like synths. The best example I can think of is the band Savoy from Brooklyn, NY. (A live band trio) If you lookup the track "The Bridge" it pretty much sums up what i think metalectro is.

Sure, its another name, but as an 80s kid growing up with Metallica, Megadeth and death metal, real hardcore metal... as in \m/... it gives me some more stable ground in this crazy edm world. In other words, it makes sense to me.

If these lords of metal shoved their guitars into Ableton Live or Logic, or some other DAW, this might be the result. It isn't as heavy as metal, but more sharp and crisp, with the purpose of filling a very big room.

- DJ Eskape a.k.a. Headcircus
"The Bridge" by Savoy may not be the first and only example, but i think it is a good example of Metalectro
by Headcircus June 08, 2013
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