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This kid who happens to be in love with Sarah but keeps going out with Kristen who is a gross ho. Ochuko is cool though, he is also very buff.
Check out Ochuko's abs!
by Harrison January 10, 2004
the gunk that gets in your eyes (or your pet dog or cat's eyes)
My dog likes to eat his own eye schploogies.
by harrison October 01, 2003
the sound of a laughing white boy being strangled
My man Scott was changled after playa hating in the crib
by Harrison October 04, 2003
a redneck translation of a womans breast
"dem white folk fatter dan hell, they have boobages bigger than my sister"
by Harrison October 04, 2003
An emo corner, as the name suggests, is a corner in a room, usually a classroom, where an exclusive group of subspecies emotive students congregate together and discuss their tasteless music and passion for razor blades. More often than not, these emotive students are easily identifiable by their uninspired haircuts and anorexic tendencies.
Hey look at those emo kids in the emo corner, let's ask them if they want to do some emo squats. Shall we proceed to further ridicule them?
by Harrison June 12, 2006
A grassy type of foliage with prickles.......smells good
ah man i fell in the bumby!! 3========O
by harrison March 16, 2005
1. Famous black dancer
2. Fried chicken joint
3. A joyous exclamation
"Here you are Bobby, you just got an A on your exam." "BOJANGLES!"
by Harrison September 23, 2003

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